This is how it all started…

Seven years ago I had an old Sony camera and a dream. A dream to become a model unfortunately didn’t come true but on the other hand I started making my own models from everything that I could see through my camera. I don’t have to tell you that those photos didn’t look that great or as good as I thought at that time.

After a lot of photographs I become engaged and that required even more of those which drove my fiancé crazy, and it still does. My other dream of finding a husband that likes taking photos went down the drain. 🙂

Then our son Stefan came and everything become more serious when I saw how adorable he is on my photos. I don’t want you to get worried I am not using my old Sony camera any more. When Stefan arrived, I bought new Canon camera to take better photos of him and it led to my passion for photography growing far more than I expected. Now that he gets older, photographs takes on so much more meaning as I observe, he is not the same person as he was yesterday. He grows and changes and I love capturing those precious moments.


I am a photographer that takes photos not only with my camera and expensive lenses but with my heart, all my emotions and desire to always be better in what I do.

I am a Canberra based natural light Portrait Photographer.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my story.